You Said It: Oxford Food Addictions

boure jessica jordan moore

Photo: Jessica Jordan Moore

Last week, Eating Oxford asked Facebook fans which Oxford food items they were “addicted” to.

See what they had to say below and let us know which Oxford menu items you can’t live without.

Brigitte Rankin: Definitely Handy Andy cheeseburger..I don’t even like meat much, but, I believe I could eat one everyday..and hot and sour soup from China Royal, I get it by the pint.

Jessica Jordan Moore: Boure smoked ham and white cheddar cheese sandwich. On a pretzel roll. AMAZING. Could eat it every day. Ohh. And pulled pork nachos from Soulshine. Yum…. I’m having the ham sandwich right now! See what you guys started!

Leah Bates Hanks: Pizza Den roast beef!

Sean from I’m always at South South Depot Taco Shop for the nachos after class.

Seana Garber Aivaz: Handy Andy burgers. No contest.

Shannon Lewis Kellenberger: Snickers frappe from High Point Coffee. Not food, but there have been plenty of times that I’ve had one of those instead of food. Also, the onion rings from Bouré! Oh yeah, the chicken and dressing from Little Easy. I could eat that every single day!

Amanda L. Maas: Roast beef and gravy from Pizza Den is one craving. The cheesy breadsticks from Soulshine are something I’d willingly eat every day if I could.

Christye C. Hayes: Bandito from coop de ville

Gina Durley Watson: Fajitas from Tequilas…at least once a week!!

Sue Flanagin Webb: Roast beef with gravy from Pizza Den, pork chop in gravy from Larson’s, chicken breast from Larson’s, and catfish/spaghetti from Little Easy. Sorry so many but I have to get a fix of all if these. I crave them! Don’t get to eat them as often as I woukd like.

James Chambers: The Royal Cookie at Lindsy’s. Have to drive there from Coldwater every so often just to get them.

Tim Burbeck: Any burger from Irie’s



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