Winner Announcement: Press Trip to MS Modern Homestead

jeri walker

Our winner, Jeri Walker

Earlier this week I announced a contest to win my press trip to Nourish – Reclaim Real Food ($290 value), taking place Sept. 28 to 28 on the Mississippi Modern Homestead in Starkville, MS.

Today we chose a winner….

With several impressive entries, it was hard to choose, but ultimately, we selected the person who we thought would ultimately benefit the most from the trip and who had the biggest opportunity to share their experience with others.

Our winner is Jeri Walker, a lunch lady for Oxford City Schools who told us she was excited about learning the basics of canning and farming. “I love learning new things,” said Jeri in her entry. “Unfortunately, my mom was not one that liked kids in the kitchen. My parents and grandparents worked in factories and were self employed, so I never learned the basics of canning or farming. I am so excited about the chance to win and take advantage of these classes.”

We’re also excited for Jeri to attend and bring back her new knowledge to share. We’re hoping she passes it along to some of her coworkers in the Oxford City School system as well.

Congratulations, Jeri!

Tickets are still available here for those who’d like to join Jeri at the retreat.







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