Waffle House and Panera Bread Slated to Open in Oxford

waffle house

(photo by Augustine.com)

Looks like Oxford is getting a couple of new restaurants for Christmas this year.

Waffle House and Panera Bread are both scheduled to open outposts in 2014. Panera Bread will be located in the former location of the Shell gas station on Jackson Avenue. No address has been revealed for the Waffle House as of yet (let us know if you have details).

Thanks go to Mike Azlin for letting us know about the Waffle House and Cindy Meek Brown for tipping us off about Panera Bread. We are always appreciative of our fans on panerathe street that deliver us breaking news.

Visit the Eating Oxford Facebook and Twitter pages to see what locals have to say about the upcoming addition of Waffle House and Panera.

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  1. Kris Carsley says:

    About time! Best news for the New Year. Panera has the best baked goods, esp. sourdough bread. Both places will give Oxford more breakfast options, which is sorely needed.

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