Tubbs Tailgate Patrol in The Grove

Keep an eye out for the Tubbs Tailgate Patrol during today’s Grove festivities. They’ll be distributing free samples of pepperoni poppers, stromboli and 3″ Italian heroes courtesy of 6 ‘N Tubbs on Jackson Avenue.

Know of another restaurant distributing free samples in The Grove? Let me know about it at foodie@eatingoxford.com.

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  1. “Now is that a real poncho or is that a Sears poncho?”

    Is that a 6 ‘N Tubbs Sicilian or is that a stock photo?  Look at the beautifully baked crust on that pie.  A far cry from the milky-white color that Dominos, Little Caesars, et al, have trained Americans to expect as normal, because anything else takes time, skill, and a hot oven.  I wonder how often Dennis hears the words: “Hey Man, you burned my pizza again, don’t you know how to cook pizza?”       

    What, no online GPS Tracker for the TTP??  You want us to go outside and patiently wait for the TTP to roll by?  That notion is as archaic as a brown/black pizza crust, sheesh.

  2. Wife and I were excited to see someone in town offering up this kind of fare. We tried them out on Monday, and split a calzone and a stromboli between us. Very pleased, the dough/crust was fantastic, the vegetable fillings were plentiful, and the Italian sausage was very flavorful. Got used to great and well-spiced Italian sausage when we lived in Chicago, and we don’t get that same experience around these parts very often.

    Another plus, the owner is very friendly and seems eager to provide a product that people will enjoy.

    Only one minor complaint…we called in and ordered as takeout, but apparently they didn’t have to-go boxes (or they didn’t use them) so our food was placed on paper plates and put in a brown paper bag. It was a bit greasy and messy by the time we got it home.

    Also, I made an assumption that I would be able to pay with a credit or debit card, but for now they only take cash, so I had to use the ATM which they have on-site. It’s a only a $1 charge from their machine, which isn’t bad, but I’m sure my bank will tack on an additional fee, so in the end my meal will end up costing about 4 to 5 dollars more than I expected. Again, it was an assumption on my part, and given that I rarely carry cash any more, I probably should have checked first.

    We will be going back, but will probably choose to eat in with cash in hand.

  3. Hi we use paper plates and brown paper bags because cardboard not only keeps the heat but also creates moisture. The bag allows it to breathe and stay as crunchy as possible . Pizza boxes do the same but there is no other option.As far as cash as you noticed we round all our prices to even dollars which include tax making payment fast and easy and at the same time there are no added cost to the food

    • My wife, kids and I have been eagerly awaiting the opening of this establishment as there is so little good pizza in the area. We were finally able to drop by Friday night and were very disappointed to find that the restaurant only accepts cash. Neither my wife nor I carry cash with any regularity and were unwilling to use the ATM as this is simply an additional charge to the consumer which is not appreciated. While the restaurant smelled delicious, we will not be back until we are able to use either a debit or credit card. The fact that the restaurant chooses to make the dining experience less convenient for the customer is one that we will not overlook.

      • Hi Michael,

        I feel your pain, I am a cashless person too, I even pay door cover-charges using a CC (!).  In fact, this same issue kept me away from Lusa Bakery until they got a card reader. 

        However, if neighborhood pizzerias in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan are now taking plastic, it’s a new siteelopment since I’ve lived there.  Bronx pizza places still only take chits won in card games.  JK!!!!!!

        Lombardi’s on Spring St in Manhattan (1897, coal-fired oven, birthplace of NY Pizza) has EXACTLY the same payment options as Dennis (read 3/4 of the way down this page – http://www.firstpizza.com/newyork.html).  Also, read the type of real pain people have to endure for the privilege of eating it that place (see “Reviews”).

        So, I have to go to bat for Dennis, and say he doesn’t have to apologize to anybody.  Simply, look upon the inconvenience caused by lack of plastic as part, parcel and “price” of authenticity, and it adds 3% to his bottom-line, which is a darn good thing in this case.

        I’m happy I won’t have to bribe pot-head “assembly technicians” with a 6-pack of beer to cook my pie beyond a snow-white crust (Thank You Lord!!). 

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