Round Table Debuts New Menu


Round Table on The Square at 132 Courthouse Square recently introduced a new pared-down menu. The plate lunches have been removed to make room for a new lineup of sandwiches, which includes a pulled-pork BBQ sandwich, BLT, a 6-inch shrimp po-boy called the Dirty Cajun, a Philly cheesesteak sandwich, and more. The appetizer menu features items such as fried green tomatoes, Delta tamales and BBQ nachos.

For more information, find Round Table on The Square on Facebook.

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4 Comments on “Round Table Debuts New Menu
    • Maybe the menu was outsourced to China, they recently included an embarrassing number of typos in some Qurans they printed for Iran. Whether it’s Arabic, Farsi, or Delta patois, you always get what you pay for hehe.

  1. This restaurant is a joke. The menu is changed 4 times a year because no one eats there. The only reason this place is still afloat is because of alcohol sales. There is no way this restaurant meets the quota for ratio of food sales to alcohol sales. I have never seen a menu with so many words misspelled. Dreesing should be Dressing. Sandwichs should be Sandwiches. Tamato should be Tomato. Spicey should be Spicy. Parmation should be Parmesan. Wow. Parmation? Suger instead of Sugar. Pickel instead of Pickle.


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