Oxford’s Senior Discounts

seniorBy Betty M.

We received a request at EatingOxford.com a few weeks back asking about senior discounts available in Oxford.

I called around and put together the below table outlining some of the offers available to those who meet certain age (and sometimes membership) requirements.

If you know of any senior discounts that we’ve left out, please let us know.


Restaurant Age Discount Note
Applebees 60 15% Requires Golden Apple Card
Backyard Burger Varies by location Free Drink
Burger King 60 10% Addtl discounts on coffee & drinks varies by location
Captain D’s 62 Varies by location Senior discounts on Sun & Wed
Chic-Fil-A 55 10% Select locations
Chili’s 55 10%
IHOP 55 10%
KFC 55 Free drink w meal Select locations
McDonald’s 55 Free coffee & drinks Varies by location
Sonic 60 10% on beverages Select locations
Subway 60 10% Manager discretion
Taco Bell 65 5% &  Free beverages
Waffle House 60 10% Monday only
Wendy’s 55 10%

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