Opening Soon: A Food Truck with No Wheels

oxford canteen photo1Story and photo by Leah Hawkins

“A take-out window, blackboard-style menu, and outdoor food counter was the concept I had in mind,” says Oxford Canteen owner and head chef Corbin Evans. “The rest just fell into place.” Evans’ unique new concept will open Tuesday, March 25, at 1006 Van Buren, in the alleyway between The Lyric Theater and South Depot Taco Shop.

Oxford Canteen will be different from every other eatery in Oxford. In addition to being situated in an alley on the Square, lunch menu items will offer a unique twist, including a beef brisket grilled cheese with Sriracha mayo, fideos of the day, and ketchup fried rice with pork or tofu.

Getting curious about the rest of the Oxford Canteen menu? Check out the full  menu here. Weekly specials will soon be listed on the Facebook and Twitter pages.

Evans says he will always try to have locally grown and in-season produce on his menu (Panzanella salad of the season for example) so be on the lookout for those. Also, expect to see Oxford Canteen open on the Saturday of Double Decker weekend. Oxford Canteen offers a catering service as well for office parties, private dinners, book club luncheons and more.

Tuesday – Saturday 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Brunch on Saturday’s and Sunday’s are in the works!


Leah Hawkins is an Oxford-based freelance writer.

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on “Opening Soon: A Food Truck with No Wheels
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  1. Looking forward to trying Oxford Canteen. We’re big fans of Chef Corbin’s cooking and are glad to have him back down south !

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