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My Story Begins with a Rumbling Tummy…
Liz Barrett

Liz Barrett Foster

Hunger can drive people to do crazy things…like starting websites in the middle of the night….

As is true of most food lovers, my love affair with food did not start with EatingOxford.com. The first dish my mom taught me to cook was scrambled eggs. I can still remember how excited I was, watching the eggs sizzling in the pan, knowing that I made that happen! To this day, breakfast is still my favorite meal to cook. Thanks, Mom!
When I grew older and discovered how fun it was to go out to eat, I set down my spatula and started exploring the creations of others. It’s not uncommon for me to visit five restaurants in one day when traveling to other cities, and I have annoyed more than a couple of people with my need to photograph every plate of food that’s put in front of me—and often their plate, too! It should come as no surprise that in the seven years I’ve lived in Oxford, I’ve eaten at every restaurant in town—several times.
I started EatingOxford.com around midnight during August 2009. I was searching the Internet for Oxford menus and could not find a reliable list. I registered the URL and set out to collect menus—not unlike the way little boys collect baseball cards (you should see my collection!).
At first, I only planned to list addresses and menus. However, once I had the menu information online, I craved more (not unlike my eating habits). As a journalist (a food journalist, of course), I just couldn’t resist the urge to add additional content.
The EatingOxford.com blog came soon after, along with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest sites. Then I started getting involved with local food events. Everything kind of snowballed from there. Thanks to the support of local foodies like you, EatingOxford.com grew quickly and is now visited by thousands of hungry people throughout the region every month.
I love meeting EatingOxford.com readers (that’s you!) and reading your comments on the site and social media. Having you share what you’re eating and experiencing with Oxford food is what I always hoped for and envisioned.
I can’t wait to share more food—and more surprises—in the coming months and years. Please pull up a chair and join me!

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