Learn to Save with Coupons

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Easy Couponing Tips to Save You Money

By Benjy Foster

Who among us today doesn’t need to save money? Couponing has become more popular over the past few years thanks to television shows highlighting how much you can save. Some businesses have even changed their policies because of couponers, but there are still great deals to be found if you have the desire to save and the patience to learn.

In Oxford, the best place to pick up coupons is in Sunday’s Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, readily available around town. Remember to look at the front of the paper before purchasing one. It will tell you how many coupons are inside right on the front page. If it doesn’t list any savings, there are no coupons that week.

The first thing to remember when couponing is that just about every item you normally use in your home will go on sale and have a coupon for it at some point in time.

The key is to wait for the products to go on sale and use a coupon at the same time, if possible.

Believe it or not, there are even some products you can get for free, such as shave gel, soap, toothpaste and more by using coupons during sales.

Watch for special promotional sales. This is when a store runs a sale such as Buy 5 mix and match products and instantly save $5 (Kroger did this last week).  This is a good time to combine coupons and save a ton!

One of the best ways to save is when stores print coupons good toward your next purchase (these coupons that print after your transaction at Kroger are referred to as “Catalina Deals”). You can use that coupon on the same items again to make another coupon print out, or just use it for a discount off of your total at the end of your next shopping trip.

While some people think it’s necessary to clip every single coupon, I think this is a waste of your time; there will always be coupons that never get used. Just save the coupons in dated folders. Then, when the items you want go on sale, go back to your folders and only clip the coupons that you need for that shopping trip.

If you enjoy eating out and trying new places, there are also a lot of restaurants that consistently provide coupons in the Sunday paper as well as on the back of your Kroger receipts. Don’t be shy about using them; they can save you a lot of money—sometimes up to $10! These are restaurants such as IHOP, Red Lobster, Logan’s, Outback Steakhouse, Ruby Tuesdays, Longhorn Steakhouse, and more.

These tips are just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re just starting out with couponing and trying to make sense of it all, there’s an excellent website that will take you through it step by step and even show you in-depth views of what deals are going on at each different store. Find it at SouthernSavers.com.

Good luck and have fun saving!

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