Is Composting in Oxford’s Future?

composting bin

Photo: Victoria Burgos, Ole Miss

A friend of mine mentioned to me today that she was going to start composting, and it made me wonder how many people–and possibly restaurants–around Oxford may already be doing this.

It turns out that Ole Miss began a pilot composting program last fall and has been seeing beneficial results, reducing both waste and the University’s carbon footprint. Find out more about the program’s progress here.

I also came across a video today, which highlights a program in Charleston, South Carolina, where restaurants are enrolled in a composting program, cutting down on massive amounts of waste and providing healthy soil for area residents. Check out the inspiring story and video at The Local Palate here.

What do you think? Could Oxford successfully develop a composting program that cuts down on the waste produced by residents and restaurants while at the same time providing healthy soil for new plantings?

It may only be a matter of time.



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on “Is Composting in Oxford’s Future?
One Comment on “Is Composting in Oxford’s Future?
  1. I am so glad to come up on your post, today. Tomorrow I am going to ask a group of kids at our sunday congregation if they see compost piles around Oxford. I was just doing a quick check online to see if Oxford had a composting pilot project or actively encouraged community composting. If you find out anything in your travels, will you let me know?

    Kind regards, Victoria

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