Coming Soon: Mesquite Chop House

mesquite chopThe Courthouse Square Historic Preservation Commission recently approved an application to open a Mesquite Chop House at 1001 E. Jackson Avenue.

The application, submitted by Blake Tartt III, who is currently completing construction of a Starbucks on W. Jackson Avenue, would involve adding a one-story addition to the rear of the building as well as various exterior modifications for accessibility and outdoor seating. View the full plans/application here.

According to historical records, the building once served as office space for lawyer and author John Grisham during the 1980s and early 1990s.

Mesquite Chop House is a steak and seafood restaurant with locations in Memphis, Germantown, and Southaven. They are part of the River City Management Group of restaurants, which also includes Spindini, Rum Boogie Cafe, and others.


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  1. Pricey… Steak $24 and UP, baked potato $7, salad $7. Looks to be ala carte menu. Not a menu for college students or middle class. Like a Ruth Chris Steakhouse.

  2. My mother worked in this building in the 1950s as a night operator for the Bell System. I remember as a small child seeing all her friends lined up at the board connecting customers to other folks around the nation. My mother went to her grave with secrets she overheard in the middle of the night!! I’m so glad
    this building is not going to be torn down to be other condo or hotel!!!!!!!!!

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