Coming Soon: Mesquite Chop House

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  1. Jim Knox says:

    It’s a Historic “Commission” not a committee and there is a big difference.

  2. Kenny Cooper says:

    Where exactly would this be located?

  3. Kris Carsley says:

    Pricey… Steak $24 and UP, baked potato $7, salad $7. Looks to be ala carte menu. Not a menu for college students or middle class. Like a Ruth Chris Steakhouse.

  4. My mother worked in this building in the 1950s as a night operator for the Bell System. I remember as a small child seeing all her friends lined up at the board connecting customers to other folks around the nation. My mother went to her grave with secrets she overheard in the middle of the night!! I’m so glad
    this building is not going to be torn down to be other condo or hotel!!!!!!!!!

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