CLOSED: Two Stick Sushi

2 stickAfter 15 years and several moves, including one this year, Two Stick Sushi has closed its doors.

Founded in 1998, the restaurant became a favorite among students and locals over the years for its authentic sushi and regular lineup of local and visiting bands.

I’ll always remember Two Stick as the place I tried sushi for the first time when I visited Oxford more than seven years ago. It was delicious!

However, over the past year, the business has seen its share of struggles, and even a move to a new location could not solve the problems, ultimately leading to its closure this week.

Have a great Two Stick memory? Share it in the comments below.

(Thanks go out to fan Brigitte Rankin for alerting us to this closure.)

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  1. tyler davis says:

    my best memory is $5 all you can drink PBR Wednesdays with Mayhem String Band. Oh those were the days! Sad news!

  2. Greg Johnson says:

    This was my favorite place to hear live music in town around 2002 or so, when they were in the building currently occupied by The Lyric. Hate to see them go.

  3. Favourite memories:

    Number one with a BULLET: hanging out with Chad and Allison (I’m sure I spelled that wrong), thank y’all so much for your hard work and dedication. We love you and dearly loved Two Stick.

    Trivia with Coulter

    The PF Flyers

    Late night water parties


    Neil Hamburger

    The Cooters


  4. Two Stick, when it was the back of The Lyric, was where my wife and I first started “flirting” with each other while listening to Bill Perry play the keys!!

    Sad to hear it is gone, but we all knew it would happen eventually as it seems every restaurant that moves to that location doesn’t tend to last very long…

  5. Authentic….what?

  6. Had my first date with my wife there in 2005.

  7. Annonymous says:

    Trivia night. The Sleepwalkers concerts that were about 10-times louder anything should have been in such a small venue, and watching Colin Snead scream at hecklers in the microphone. I believe I remember $1 PBR nights. The awkward drinks with a friend’s ex-girlfriend the night after I had sex with her on LSD with Rocko’s Modern Life playing in the background.

  8. My friends and I crushed trivia night there from 2009-2012. A lot of crab wontons and PBRs were consumed.

  9. Katie Eubanks says:

    Still my favorite sushi. Several lunch, dinner, and happy hour get-togethers… And I loved seeing my buddy Silas Reed and his band play onstage!

  10. Two stick will be missed. But by moving to that location, it was inevitable. All businesses go to die there.

    • I will not miss their overpriced sushi, or their snooty employees or their catering exclusively to the drinking crowd….

      Had a good time or 3 there, but once a place starts moving like that… forget it.

  11. Too bad… Good times though. The first bar I went to in Oxford, in 2009, the time I waited for T Model to show up while drinking gin and tonics before I realized at 11 that he wasn’t coming, gluten free cheesecake, sushi memories….the place will be missed.

  12. Playing trivia and getting five dollar Pabst beer with some of the hooligans listed in this thread.

  13. troy vinson says:

    Damn i juggled fire when the power went out and E. Kelly and chewy played the congas. I love every one involved with that spot.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Sad that it has had to close, but by doing so the owners need to do the right thing and pay their employees that have checks that the bank has refused to cash for months! If you don’t have money in the bank, you shouldn’t be handing out checks…isn’t that illegal?

  15. Loved trivia night at the original two stick!! Will definitely miss this place!!

  16. I went on a double-date there with a girl I had a crush on, after being set up by my one of my best friend’s girlfriends. That double-date led to another, another, and another and now we are dating. We will see where it goes from here, but regardless it’s safe to say it started at Two Stick. I’m very sad to hear its’ closing. P.S. I was never on a team that won trivia night.

  17. Ask the employees about the shut down. They’ve got some memories too. And not good.

  18. Their 1/2 price beer and sushi happy hour!! My roomie & I would indulge before every evening class…

  19. This place was a NIGHTMARE when I went last time I was in town. The service, food, and new location were all horrible. I’m glad it closed!

  20. If that’s the best and “authentic” sushi you’ve ever had I’m sorry. Great happy hour deal, but the new location was terrible. Quality went out the window, the place was half falling apart. Once Jinsei opened it was game over for Two Stick.

  21. Had a great time working there when I was a young man in 2001. Met my wife and a number of my best friends at Two Stick. I have to say that Two Stick changed my life in many ways. It was a hell of a run. I will never forget: the secret stairwell, late night grease dumping, saki in a styrofoam cup, living with Chad and the ghetto hot tub, wine coolers with ice cubes because I couldn’t buy cold beer, the Christmas parties (even after I moved), my baby shower, and all 7 pairs of Steve Stein’s shoes.

  22. So glad they have closed. The place had been running down even before the last move. As a former employee I am nothing short if happy that this place is no longer able to rip off employees the way it had been. I worked there for one month without a single paycheck, then was fired in a voice mail at 10:30pm on a Saturday with the “we cannot afford to keep you excuse.” I then had to fight tooth and nail for the next MONTH for the TWO paychecks I was still owed and had not received. upon receiving my one inaccurate 75$ paycheck I was unable to cash it at ANY bank in oxford. Needless to say Two Stick got away with a lot of free labor and had many staff who were never paid, and when they were could not cash checks because they were bad. By far the WORST establishment I have ever had the displeasure of working at.

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