Are Beer Growlers for You?

Joes beerBy Sean D.

So we got cold beer, which is great in itself, but let’s not limit our joy to just the obvious here. This day in age we all have a freezer and, if you’re like me, you know every trick out there to get your beer cold in no time, so what’s the real gain? If you ask me, it’s Oxford’s legalization of growlers: real beer out of a real tap in a big jug that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own couch.

If you haven’t been to Joe’s Craft Beer recently and seen the selection, then you’re missing out. I stopped by Joe’s in a hurry when I found out it had growlers. The trip was worth it because the store has a great selection that includes some new local brews at their freshest.

Now, if you’re a numbers guy, I’ll just let you know that you do pay a buck or two more for the same amount of beer you would get from buying bottles, but I assure you it is worth it to get a growler. I wouldn’t plan on using these for your long nights with friends, but they sure make a great addition to the fridge when you want a high-quality beer from the tap at home.

Go check out Joe’s and see what he’s got on tap this week. They have an extremely friendly staff that will make picking out your new favorite beer a favorite weekly pastime.

Does anyone else use growlers now that they are legal in Oxford?

–Sean D.

Joe’s Craft Beer
2570 Jackson Ave. (in the Walmart shopping center)
(662) 234-4900

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