7 Things You Need to Know About My Michelle’s

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Last week, we gave away a $25 gift certificate to My Michelle’s on the Eating Oxford Facebook page. The contest drew nearly 100 entries, and helped to provide dozens of new buffet ideas to My Michelle’s. During the process, several questions came up about menu offerings, location and specials. This post will answer all of your questions and more.

1.       New Offerings: Over the past few months, My Michelle’s has grown its meals-to-go and catering model to one that includes those offerings alongside a full sit-down breakfast and lunch buffet Monday through Saturday.

Salad Bar

Photo by Paul Gandy

2.       Menu: The buffet menu at My Michelle’s changes every day, with the help of new chef Trey Bridgers who hails from City Grocery, Oby’s and Aramark. Menus are posted daily on the My Michelle’s Facebook page and include items such as wheatberry French toast; whole wheat biscuits; gluten-free buckwheat pancakes; steel-cut oats; eggs; Applewood-smoked bacon; and a granola, fruit and yogurt bar for breakfast, and a salad bar; smoked turkey pot pie; meaty pasta bake; Cajun shrimp and quinoa; and grilled sticky soy Hoisin chicken thighs for lunch. Breakfast is 7-10; Lunch is 11-3.

3.       Location: My Michelle’s is located at 1308 N. Lamar Blvd., Ste. 3. It will be four years in June since owner Michelle Rounsaville moved her business from just off University Avenue into a shared kitchen with Nancy Nations of Nations’ Best Catering, and just a few months back when they expanded the 1308 Lamar space to create a sit-down restaurant.

4.       Casseroles and Catering: For fans of Michelle’s to-go casseroles, grab-and-go dips and catering, these are all still very much available. My Michelle’s regularly caters weddings, parties and tailgating events, and by signing up for the newsletter you can keep track of the freezer sales they regularly run on casseroles, soups and dips.

5.       Vegetarian/Vegan/Gluten-Intolerant Friendly: For those with special dietary needs, the buffet always features a vegetarian soup, most of the vegetables are vegetarian (marked if not), and the vinaigrettes offered on the salad bar are gluten-free.

My Michelle's Buffet

Photo by Paul Gandy

6.       Know Before You Go: The menu is buffet style, but you pay according to weight, similar to the Whole Foods pay-per-pound model. This model fits in nicely with the whole/locally grown/organic concept at My Michelle’s.

7.       Insider Tips: Grab a loyalty card while you’re there; it will get you a free trip to the buffet after 10 punches. Students—use your campus ID for free coffee or tea!

To find out more, visit mymichellesoxford.com or the My Michelle’s Facebook page.


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